Get To Know More about Headstones and Gravestones

When you bury your loved one in a cemetery, chances are high you might not know the exact place you buried them if there is no marker for indication. However, thanks to the headstones and gravestones, identification is now easy. Though the terms used to mean different things in the 1500s, the definitions changed over time and now the two terms function similarly, both sitting on the head of the grave. A typical headstone features the name of the deceased, dates of birth and death, an epitaph or memorial quote and a picture or likeness of your loved one.

What are the various gravestone styles?

• Monuments- are tablets standing upright from the ground

• Flat markers- lie flat on the ground on the grave’s head, usually the same level as the grass.

• Bevel markers- are similar to monuments. However, you are likely to find them lying flat on the ground at the grave’s head.

Though it lies flat, it usually on a slightly higher level than the grass.

• Slant markers- lie flat on the ground but have the front angled back, forming a wedge.

• Ledgers- these are approximately 8inches thick, lying flat on the ground and covering the whole grave.

Headstone features

Most vendors make craft headstones out of bronze or granite. In some cases, you will find the headstones in a combination of the two. The colors may range in different shades. You might find some in brown, pink and some in black. When it comes down to engraving, your vendor may use various styles, depending on the writings you wish to have and the length. One thing to consider when choosing a font style is what you want everyone to see. Do you want your writing straightforward or stylish? Finally, monumental headstones come in different shapes and styles, ranging from elaborate sculptures with the deceased’s likeness or the traditional rectangle with encryptions of your words.

One of the most exciting parts of designing a headstone is what you want to write as memory. Since the message is never stale, you want to have something that your audience will walk away thinking about. Therefore, choose to have your headstone reading an uplifting tribute.